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 Point system

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PostSubject: Point system   Point system Icon_minitimeTue Nov 23, 2010 9:35 pm

Heres about our point system.
Which I will keep up with.
Subscribe - 5 pts.
Vote - 30 pts.
New friend on forums (with a different ip adress....) - 3 pts
A new post (with atleast 15 minutes between each post) - 2 pts.
Donate 1$- Donate status + 50 pts.
Donate 3$- Donate status + 100 pts.
Now what you can buy with it...
Full Statius (with hammer) - 500 pts.
Full statius (only armor) - 450 pts.
Full Vestas (spear only) - 600 pts.
Full vestas (Vls only) - 750 pts.
Full vestas (only armor) - 400 pts.
Arcane shield - 1250 pts.
Spectral shield - 1000 pts.
Elysian shield - 1500 pts.
Divine shield - 5000 pts.
All of the godswords - 7500 pts.
Zamarok godsword - 500 pts.
Bandos godsword - 1000 pts.
Saradomin godsword - 2000 pts.
Armadyl godsword - 4000 pts.
All of the above - 35000 pts.
Also you can get pvp armor (vesta statius etc.) from pvp drops.
You can get spirit shields by corp beast (Get sigil and reg spirit shields)
You can get godswords from godwars (with hilts and blades)
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Point system
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