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PostSubject: Donater Info   Donater Info Icon_minitimeWed Nov 24, 2010 10:08 pm

How much is reward points you might ask. Here it is. Btw we accept money & rs acc
For Every 1$-1000 reward points
How much is it for staff positions or donater status you may ask.
Donater Status - $5
Donater Status + 10m worth of anything (Runescape Amount) - $7
Donater Status + 100m worth of anything (Runescape Amount) - $10
Moderator Status - 10$
Moderator Status + 10m Cash - $12.50
Moderator Status + 50m Cash - $13.50
Moderator Status + 100m Cash - $17.50
Administrator Status (Just In Forums) - $7.50
Administrator Status (Just In Game) - $20
Administrator Status (Both Forum And Game) - $25
Hidden Administrator Status (Admin On Forums) - $30
Head Of Staff (Head Admin) - 40$
Co-Owner - 75$
Pm Me About Rs Account Trading
Thank you,

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Donater Info
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